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Saturday, August 07, 2004

is MTC overvalued?

a friend working at a local investco relayed  a bit of advice from his local market guys - sell mtc! i said why when a recent valuation had pegged a fair value at 3.7KD (its currently 3.1 or so). said its on a technical level. anyways its not like im a big trader or anything. i beleive telcos in kuwait and the region and certain other parts of the world have humungous growth potential (not to mention that they are phenomenal cash generators)! its a nice strategic investment - dont think i will touch it for now... he was advising based on technicals though and may be right in the short term but im not looking to trade really...
public disclosure - i own or have previously recommended owning the following -> MTC, watania telecom, public warehousing company, commmercial facilities company and global investment house. all as long term strategic holdings (dont have the time to daytrade).


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