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Monday, August 16, 2004

Kuwaitis are so used to complaining about the weather. "it's too hot" or "waaay ghbaaar!" (damn dust) or even "its too cold" (beleive it or not in the winter!). on that note i've been complaining that i don't have hot water in the shower for the last few days! in the middle of what's likely the hottest inhabited spot on Earth.... (i called the plumber - don't think he's seen this problem before). i think they may have installed one of those water coolers (yes we have them in kuwait!) and run them through both pipes. i do have to admit that i am getting used to it though... i once had a kook of a teacher that used to bathe in ice water every day - he said he was a former navy seal and got used to it with the training.. i think he was just a moron...

anyways to get to the point here - take a look at the price florida is paying for its weather... charley sure got angry! Hurricane Charley


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