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Friday, April 29, 2005

open your heart fellow man...

its no secret that we seek to keep the best for us, then our brothers, then our cousins and then our country and then the rest of the world. this heuristic is not specific to any one culture and permeates all of mankind to differing degrees but lets examine how some may have succeeded by overcoming a basic tendency. the USA has achieved immeasurable success since its founding because of its willingness to accept people for what they could offer. a few good people were openminded and convincing enough to forward the notion of equal opportunity in america and the results speak for themselves.

i recently came across a great article in Forbes that elucidated the notion and advises americans to look beyond. i would recommend it to everyone and not just americans. we should be retaining the best foreign talent that stumbles into our fold and make them feel valued as well as going to foreign lands and seeking their wisdom to add to ours - its a collaborative effort.



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