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Monday, September 06, 2004

"laayk shimsawya intay...."

what a mess this country is turning into. i think people are traveling too much nowadays and bringing back more than shopping. it's not enough that we have the scourge of hip-hop turning us into disgusted audiophobes - we now have to grapple with the different accents that have been grafted from masri, lebnani, ali G, franglais, sindi and newspeak (i'm not even going to touch on the disaster of incoherent fashion that tends to accompany such changes).
its actually amazing that kuwaitis have held out against the onslaught of foreign tongues for the last few decades since the discovery of oil but now the change is coming from within. the boomers that have grown up on broadcast satellite and 24/7 connectivity are making sure the job is complete. its not negative as i'm not as paranoid as the french. the world is vastly small - ripe for discovery and assimilation. true - many societies lose a unique sense of cultural differentiation but is that so bad? if it can bring healthy new thoughts and views then i'm all for it....
"what will be, will be"


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