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Saturday, July 16, 2005

the ambitious - an endagered species

...something i've noticed in kuwait recently is that we have a large number of ambitious youth(quite amazing given the laid back lifestyle afforded here) that seem to be lacking the tools with which to pursue those amibitions and make their dreams a reality. we know what we want but cant find where to start and our school textbooks dont have the answer. its a personal inclination towards curiosity and resourcefulness that has to be developed to help decipher the clues and provide the answers....

i surmise that this has a lot to do with the simplistic view of education embraced in recent history. the lucky ones have had a confluence of diverse experiences and lucky stumbles but the majority need a conscious approach to guide them en masse. im a believer in that - if given the opportunity and resources - our youth could achieve amazing results in a short period of time. the problem, though, is not one of will but of personal interests and this goes back to the political landscape and those dastardly entrenched interests!


  • i disagree.

    resources are out there and in abundance, you just have to look at every 21 year old sitting behind the wheels of a brand new merc coupe. perhaps instead of mortgageing your future salary on a stupid car you could try a little business venture?

    the ministries are full of the next generation who come in late and leave early. and then bitch about their hard long days.

    several kuwaiti friends of mine, my age, are already on their way to building a respectable business empire, but because they put resources, talent AND a willingness to get their hands dirty together.
    saddly thats one attribute that seems to be fading away.
    they themselves however love this fact.

    as one of them said to me the other day: let them sleep, let them be lazy, then all i have to do to be successful is have only 5% more drive, cos they have none.

    perhaps thats why proportionaly there are numerous wealthy indian and pakistani businessmen in this country?

    as a final note, look at all teh big family businesses that are going public.

    the sad fact is that they dont trust the business's future with their younger generation.

    By Blogger skunk, at Wednesday, April 12, 2006 3:56:00 PM  

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