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Friday, April 28, 2006

kuwait. aided by american transparency at its finest...

alsha3ab weeklly, the oft-controversial weekly of kuwaiti politics, publish in its latest issue highlights of a meeting between the editor-in-chief of alrai al aam newspaper and members of congress visiting kuwait. the quotes were apparently retrieved from a broadcast on C-SPAN (the US congress cable channel) with extremely bold assertions and reflections on kuwaiti politics and current affairs.

needless to say, the issue was sold out in record time and it was hard to get a copy but resourceful people always know where to find things.

now the question is, why do people that benefit from the status quo and political magnanimity bite the hands that feed them? syriana comes to mind again...


looks like all hell's breaking loose. the videos are already online here. more bloggers espousing hate here.

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