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Thursday, July 20, 2006

kuwaiti diaspora

how big is the worldwide kuwaiti diaspora? the question occurs to me whenever i see kuwaitis living abroad permanently. i know there must be at least a skeleton diaspora given that i know or have seen quite a few kuwaitis (and former kuwaitis) make their homes in different parts of the globe.

i predict a decent migration to occur in the next kuwaiti recession. the rationale for this expectation is that now that the country has notched up its unproductive consumption to no end (causing inflationary pressures), there will be a very hard landing for many of the educated young professionals that are able to find better opportunities elsewhere.

if the depression turns out to be more severe than even i expect (including diminishing oil reserves and no visible alternatives), then the next tier of the population (less educated but still ambitious) will contemplate living elsewhere and possibly causing a snowball effect for the rest of the country.

eventually, this could lead to a gradual decline in population and a disappearance of the migrant worker class. i know this is probably an armageddon scenario for most kuwaitis but its something that should be considered and prepared for.



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