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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

summer rain over the desert

wow its amazing to hear of rain in torrid Kuwait at this time of the year. in fact, it hasn't rained in Kuwait during the summer since 1944! we're seeing a sixty-plus year appearance but unfortunately most people missed it since it did not rain in the city. more detail in the article below:
Summer rains rare, temp to stay high

KUWAIT: Commenting on the recent rains in Nuwaiseeb in the south of Kuwait, astronomer, Prof Saleh Al-Ojairi said that such rains were very rare at this time of the year.
Al-Ojairi noted that the last time summer rains fell was 1944. He also said that it was still premature to say when the winter will begin and when cooler temperatures will be felt across Kuwait.
Al-Ojairi predicted that high temperatures would be still felt throughout September while natural clouds would be seen by mid October and rainfall in December, reported Al-Watan.
"This summer has been so hot and dry," said Al-Ojairi, pointing out that temperatures (officially) reached 48C, 49C and 51C in some western areas of Kuwait.
"However, the current rain took place as a depression coming from north India was loaded with clouds on crossing the Arabian Sea, which led to rainfall that was affected by high humidity levels," he explained.

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