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Friday, July 22, 2005

Dubai is a creepy but intriguing place

check out this link for a window on psychedelic dubai...


Saturday, July 16, 2005

the ambitious - an endagered species

...something i've noticed in kuwait recently is that we have a large number of ambitious youth(quite amazing given the laid back lifestyle afforded here) that seem to be lacking the tools with which to pursue those amibitions and make their dreams a reality. we know what we want but cant find where to start and our school textbooks dont have the answer. its a personal inclination towards curiosity and resourcefulness that has to be developed to help decipher the clues and provide the answers....

i surmise that this has a lot to do with the simplistic view of education embraced in recent history. the lucky ones have had a confluence of diverse experiences and lucky stumbles but the majority need a conscious approach to guide them en masse. im a believer in that - if given the opportunity and resources - our youth could achieve amazing results in a short period of time. the problem, though, is not one of will but of personal interests and this goes back to the political landscape and those dastardly entrenched interests!