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Sunday, December 24, 2006

deadline in arabic?

thinking about this question got me wondering - is there no such word as 'deadline' in arabic? i can't recall ever hearing an arabic work that clearly and succinctly connotes the sense of urgency in a word such as deadline.

could that be one of the reasons that we have such an easygoing mentality in kuwait when it comes to getting things done? is the lack of the word because it would be redundant or is it the other way around - we're slow because we can't communicate urgency? but we have 'yalla' so that can't be it... hmmm..

starbucks is such a mess

in the process of ordering an espresso and having it delivered in a paper cup instead of dine-in china like i requested explicitly to the cashier, i realized how little options we have in the city to have a quick and good brew.

in no way am i implying that starbucks has anything near real gourmet coffee. that's like saying mcDonalds has real french fries made of real potatoes.

im just saying that we need to have OPTIONS and costa (my current quick pure coffee favorite) is not strategically located in kuwait city.

a note to starbucks kuwait: start paying attention to quality service. too many mistakes and snot-nosed faggoty cashiers ruin whatever image you have left.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i found this on a (kuwaiti?) blog and it cracked me up especially the last part. the rest is worth reading too:

"I believe these ads are trying to capitalise on the fact that there really aren't that many Kuwaitis out there who have discovered a zest for living. They have cars, 5 million inch plasma screens, jacuzzi jets in their pools to tickle their nether regions, and lots of children from different women and livestock."

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